Blank Screen or no Audio in Chat - Work Around

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We've been using Teams heavily since the beginning of the pandemic and I spend the bulk of my day now on video chats with co-workers (as a developer).   Out of the dozens of peers that I interact with on a regular basis, there is one that is very problematic - we can never get screen sharing working.  Either the screen is blank, or the audio doesn't work or both.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Always the same person, always the same symptoms.  It occurred to me yesterday that we have never experienced this issue in a scheduled Teams meeting.  After wasting 10 minutes yesterday trying to connect/reconnect in order to get both audio/video working at the same time, I had an inspiration.  We scheduled a meeting and both joined - success!  Is it a giant PITA to schedule a meeting instead of just being able to click the share button?  Yes, but it works.  Hope this helps someone else experiencing this problem.  Of course, if someone from Microsoft is online here and can tell me what is different about point-to-point chat vs. meeting chat, that would be great.

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