Basic functionality in TEAMS: are they missing?


Sorry, I tried to search but I didn't find satisfactory answers.

Is anyone able to give me an answer on why TEAMS lacks two "elementary" features that are the basis of any software of this type (even much less famous than TEAMS)?

I speak in particular of the following two features:

  • Ability to save / export the active chat to a file (or in the absence of this you can copy / paste the entire chat)
  • Ability to search within a current chat

I believe that the aforementioned functions must be "basic" and the fact that TEAMS does not have them unfortunately limits the operation related to the adoption of this tool (now very widespread).

Thanks for your attention and possible response.



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- Not really in a user friendly way, but as an admin you've got the tools for it. As for copy/paste you need to "pop-out" the chat in it's own window and then ctrl + a. You can vote for this as well

- Just use ctrl + f
See more here
Thanks for the reply.
For the search I solved (Ctrl + F) it works, although an icon would be preferable to launch the feature.
For the copy instead I communicate that "it does not work": the copy includes only what is visible on the screen and not all the chat history.
Reach out to your admin for assistance with export of chat

And vote on the UV request.
If only it were that simple.
Mine is a large international organization and we do not have direct contact with the administrator but through a very complicated ticket opening system towards a first level which then forwards the request to subsequent levels (something unthinkable).
I repeat: this functionality must be made available to the end user (it cannot be reserved for administrators).
I hope Microsoft does something about it (I've seen other unanswered requests for years)
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Fair enough. Let's see if they implement a simple "download chat" feature in the future.