Assigning a Direct Routing On-premise number to Cloud AA does not work (ever synced to the BVD!)

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Currently we use UM AA and we need to migrate to the Teams AA by Feb 28th. So this past weekend, we assigned the Direct Routing on-premise number to the Cloud AA as a resource account. We validated the configuration by assigning a test service # to it and it worked fine. however, when assigning the on-premise number, calling the # resulted in 404 user not found and the call does not connect.. Read online that it takes hours even days or weeks for the BVD (Business Voice Directory) to sync the on-premise number.


Any assistance on this is appreciated. We waited more than 24 hours for the # to sync and no success!

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Create a support ticket with Microsoft Support and they will be able to force a sync and it will start working faster. Send as much information as possible when you start the ticket to speed up the process.

@Linus Cansby OK I will try. They told me to wait 24 hours last time I contacted them :(

We have assigned many direct routing numbers to call queues and auto attendants for our customers. All working fine. Although as Linus said you may need to allow some time for propagation. However; for recent deployments this been instant.