Allow guests to join meeting whilst having Anonynous access turned off

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So this should be dead simple but I cant seem to get it to work.


So we have guest users in O365. Call it


We schedule a meeting and enter the email address of the guest user in the Invite attendees box. The guest user receives the invitation fine. But when they click the link it says "only people with access to this orgs can access its meetings".  The only way to get this to work is to turn Anonymous access on in Teams admin, but I dont want to do that because students are then copying the meeting link and inviting their mates in, even with lobby turned on, the teacher may let in someone who isnt a student here.


So how on earth can I have a guest meeting whilst having anonymous access turned off?

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Hello, I have a couple of questions trying to figure out the scenario here.

- When you say "we have guest users" do you mean that they are already in your Azure AD with guest accounts?
- Are any federated? (trusted with no guest account in your tenant?) That is, have you set up external access in Teams? If so, are you using allow or block lists?
- Is this happening for only one user?
- Have that user signed out from all Teams sessions and tried joining again?
- Same behavior desktop and online?

For the record you can have anonymous access turned off as guest users are part of your org. with guest accounts and federated users are considered authenticated by the trust.


The Guest users are in the O365 Guest Users under users,

External access is setup. No allow or block, in other words all allowed.

Happens to all users.

Same behaviour and tried logging out.

I thought whole point of guest users was to allow them access to teams meetings i.e. you could invite them without turning on anonymous access.

Hi, well anyone can actually join a meeting (if you permit it) you only add them as guests, and not federated, when you want them to also access Teams resources (as federated/external access can't). Perhaps you better open up a proper support ticket with Microsoft as this sounds a bit odd.
Hi Christian, thats just it, they cant. external users cannot join Teams meetings even when they are added as guests, Im baffled. I dont want external users to access resources, just join a meeting. The only way I have found is to allow anonymous access but that then allows anyone into a meeting, and students abuse this.
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Hello again, why have you added them as guests if you only want to have meetings and not any requirement to access Teams resources etc? You could either remove the guest accounts because then you're already set with the open federation or you can ask the guests not being able to access the meeting to make sure they are signed into your tenant from the org. switcher accessible from the top right corner. That's my best resolution to this. If still not working you better open up a support case.