Again and again Message - "Try again."

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Hi All,

Opening MS Teams causes an error. The message is "Try again."

A complete reinstall did not help.
Deleted all folders Teams from % AppData%.
Fresh client from the Microsoft site. After installation - the same message.
I wonder why the error code is not displayed at the bottom left! ???
When this message window active I tried to press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1, nothing happens, the download folder is empty.

How can I force more detailed logs to be created?

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@Alexey_Malahov Couple of questions to understand the issue.


1) Whether Teams license enabled for this user ?

2) Whether user able to login to Teams on Web?

3) Whether user able to access Teams on different desktop?


Dear @Prasannaraju

1) I think yes. Because all the following points are "yes"

2) yes, Teams on Web is works.

3) yes, on different PC desktop team is works.


I saw this article. But she will not help me.
In my 1st post I wrote that the error at the bottom left is NOT displayed. PLS see screenshot.

@Alexey_Malahovhave you tried disable firewall, Proxy and antivirus on the affected machine?