Adding Voice Route at customer Tenant / Cannot find Gateway

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Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the direct routing setup for multiple tenants. I am a carrier and have followed these instructions:


The carrier-teanant is correctly configured and it is possible to make calls via this carrier-tenant.

Now I want to configure a customer tenant where you don't configure a PSTN gateway. When creating the VoiceRoute I always get the following error message: Cannot find specified gateway "".


I have already tried this scenario in different customer tenants, even unsuccessfully. Also my failover SBC with the domain "" cannot be found.

Has anyone ever had such a case and can help me?


Thanks a lot and best regards

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Hi @cyqon 

Only reason that I can see that would happen is either:


1)   is not a domain that has been setup under the customer tenant


2) A licensed user has not been created with the UPN of for e.g. in the customer tenant. 


Have you checked\verified both of these?