Adding members to some channels


Dear all,
I have a question on Teams regarding channels.
The "Made_Up_Group-Team" is using a Teams group called Made_Up_Group-Team.
We also use the associated distribution list:
I need to invite extra "" members to contribute to some channels of the teams but I would like them not to be included in the distribution list.
Is it possible?

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There is no relation between Teams (or their underlying Group) and DLs. The membership lists will be kept separate.

hi Vasil,
thanks for information, but could you clarify?
I don't fully understand your answer.
Since there is no relation between Teams & DL's, is it possible to add member that is not part of group but some channel or?
Kind regards,

You should have no problems doing that. Just remember that channel members == team members == underlying Office 365 group members. Unless you're talking about private channels.