Adding a group member with a different email address

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I am having trouble adding a member to one of my teams in Microsoft Teams. To give a background, I work at a hospital and we recently began to use Microsoft Teams and all of our staff have similar email addresses. They have transitioned easily with my invitations. The invites are sent through "Add Member", but a colleague has a different email and when I enter it, it doesn't go through. There is an error message that reads "Something went wrong" and "We ran into an issue. Please try again later". Please let me know how I can resolve

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Is it an internal User?

@adam deltinger not quite sure and they're more likely to not be an internal user. The email addresses we use as staff are "" and the one we want to add contains ""

I've just run into this problem too. Has anyone been back with a workaround?


When adding an external user to a Team we get

" There is an error message that reads "Something went wrong" and "We ran into an issue. Please try again later" we can add other external and internal users - just this one email address which is valid.


Any help appreciated.

@Avasquez8 I have the same issue.  I am trying to add 20 members (all guests) to a team and while 11 succeeded the 9 that did not all fall into three corporate email domains.  I know that at least one of the domains has a 365 account but not the Teams option, so I'm wondering if that has something to do with it (recognizes the email address as "not a guest", but can't add as a full member).

@MtnMama we decided the problem was the other O365 did not allow Guest Access. Both sides need to have Guest Access turned on in O365 and then it seemed to work.


Hope this helps





@JohnKellyI went to my IT department (my company is one of the email domains not working) and the reply I got is this:


"Microsoft does not allow a commercial cloud and a GCC High cloud to communicate with one another, due to the differences in the security settings."


Which seems odd since at least one other domain that does allow guests is a small company, which I assume is a commercial account (certainly not a government one.)  I am working through with a POC what type of account and settings they have.

@MtnMama Interesting post, it would be useful to know if you found a fix and are willing to share!