Add bulk members in teams private channel


Hi everyone,

I tried through powershell to add bluk members. Import-Csv -Path “C:\Users\bala.s\Desktop\aa.csv” | foreach{Add-TeamChannelUser -GroupId 043c8434-78af-4e50-a7e2-948c3b461f67 -DisplayName "FN-A" -user $} But member not updated. Any help please?

@Eric Marsi  



@Christopher Hoard 

@Allen Xu_MSFT 


@Steven Collier 


@paul keijzers 

@Bryan Nyce 

@adam deltinger  

@Chris Webb 


@Graham Walsh 


Zhengqi Lou-MSFT 

Vasil Michev 

Nate Loback 

Yuki Sun-MSFT 

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

@Satyendra Sharma 

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