Accessing Team through Mobile with no App

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Hi all,


The company I work for has decided to start using Teams instead of face-to-face training.

As it's quite a large company (over 1600 staff) it's not really feasible to expect them all to download the App on mobile.


Is it possible to use the internet browser on your phone to join a meeting?


I've tried inviting my own personal email account and all it says is 'Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid' so I've tried opening it in Microsoft Edge and Chrome (on mobile) which tells me I've got to install the Teams app, no option to join via the website.


When I download the app it works fine, but like I said, people aren't going to want to download the app for a one off training session?


I'm very new to Teams so anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated.




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Actually, most of the chatting features and calendar can be accessed by the Teams web app.

It is unfortunate that you cannot use Teams web app for conference or normal call.


It is a known limitation.




This isn’t possible, at least not on IOS.
Without app you can only join by audio, if dial in conferencing is enabled on the Meeting organizer.