A simple question to "Meet now" in Teams calendar


I am in Teams App, Calendar.

  • If I select "+ New meeting", I am able to invite people outside my organisation in the meeting setup. They receive an email and can actually join in, even before the meeting start. But once in the meeting, I cannot add other external people. Well, only indirectly by sending them the meeting link manually (copy/paste to manual email)
  • If I select "Meet now", I can only invite people inside my own organisation once I am in the meeting. I can use the shortcut again, though.


What is the rationale here? 

How can I make sure that also people from outside the organisation can be added to ad-hoc (Meet now) meetings without having to manually copy the link of the meeting? 


Do I have to add them as guest?


Actually, I tried that. After creating a team and adding the external person as a guest, I was able to add that person to a Meet now meeting. As soon as I've added him, Teams would start calling, but I would never see a call coming in on the guest side. After a few seconds I get "Unavailable" and a few seconds later the external person is removed from the meeting.


Do I miss something?




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When you schedule a meeting with New meeting you can invite external users in the meeting invite, but not when you started the meeting. 


With Meet now you never send out a meeting invite and then your only option is to copy the Join information and send to the external part. 


There is an uservoice for this (might be more uservoice request with more votes).


The guest user have to be signed in to your tenant from their Teams client to get the call when you add them to the meeting.

Hello @Linus Cansby ,

Many thanks for your explanations. All is clear now.