3rd Party Audio in a Teams Meeting / MTR

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We periodically need to present a video by way of a Teams Meeting and a MTR device. For example, a YouTube video.   We are presenting from a Surface Laptop to the MTR by way of a meeting. When playing the YouTube video, the audio is extremely loud on the receiving end (sharing computer audio).  And the audio has to be playing on the laptop which of it's own, creates the audio echo as it is also coming through the MTR (Logitech Rally) device.   This occurs even when the video is embedded in a PowerPoint presentation.   How can we fix this issue? Can any one else confirm this is happening, 

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Are you using the latest client that allows for HDMI ingest audio, so you don't share system audio as that will cause issues. Check the individual audio levels in the MTR console settings too.
I thought the clients automatically updated? That said, we are sharing the desktop from a laptop to the actual MTR. We are not using the HDMI connection on the MTR device. Hope that clarifies things.