Self-help diagnostics available for Microsoft Teams Administrators

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Oct 14, 2020 Update: This content has been promoted to - from here on we will maintain the Self Help Diagnostics list over there, so be sure to check out the new doc!  Also don't miss the new feature we added to quickly and easily call up the Diagnostics in the Admin Portal - for example, type in "Diag: Teams Dial Pad Missing" and it takes you directly to the diagnostic:




As Microsoft Teams usage continues to grow we know that you have questions about how to perform common Administrative tasks, configure your Teams tenants to serve Remote Workers, and troubleshoot issues when they arise. 


Over the last several weeks, we’ve developed 16 17! Teams-specific diagnostic scenarios that cover top support issues and most common areas where Administrators like you ask us for configuration help.  It is important to note that while these diagnostics cannot make changes to your Tenant, they do provide insights into known issues and instructions for you to go fix it quickly. 


With that in mind, let’s take a look at the experience.  While logged in as an Admin, visit your Microsoft 365 admin center. In the left-hand navigation pane, select Show all > Support > New service request. After you briefly describe your issue (let’s use the example “I can't invite a guest to Teams”), we’ll use that information to determine if a diagnostic scenario matches your issue.  Pro-tip – if you type some search terms and see a type-ahead query pop up that matches the general area you’re looking for, please click it!  We’ll talk more about why in a future post. 


can't invite guest.png


After entering your organization’s root URL (in the Guest Access diagnostic you should be able to click the drop down arrow and select a pre-populated URL from your Tenant), click Run tests.


Once the diagnostic checks have completed for the scenario, if we find a problem, we’ll show you what we found, and provide steps to resolve the configuration issue. In this example, the Tenant Admin had not turned on Guest Access:


Guest Access is turned off!Guest Access is turned off!


Here a list of diagnostics with brief scenario descriptions we already have today:

  • Teams Sign-in - Have a user or users that can't sign-in to Teams app?  Run this diagnostic.
  • Teams Direct Routing - Have a user or users that cannot make a PSTN call using Direct Routing in Teams?  This diagnostic validates that user is correctly configured to use Direct Routing.
  • Teams Call Queue - Did you create a Call Queue but it isn't working?  This diagnostic validates that a Teams Call queue can answer calls. 
  • Teams Remove Number from Conference Bridge - Sometimes you cannot remove (disassociate) a telephone number from a Conference Bridge - this diagnostic will help you determine why.  
  • Teams Dial Pad is missing - User or users not seeing a dial pad in Teams?  This is your diag!  
  • Teams Calendar App - Sometimes users won't see the Calendar app in Teams.  This diagnostic will help you determine why.
  • Teams Federation - For TeamsOnly users - can't federated chat with a TeamsOnly user in another company?  This diagnostic will help you figure out why.  
  • Teams Files Guest Access Have you successfully invited a Guest to your Teams, but they cannot access shared files?  This is your diag!  
  • Teams Add-in is missing in Outlook This diagnostic determines if the Teams user is eligible for the Teams Meeting add-in for Outlook - if they are, but the Add-in is still missing, be sure to follow up with the client side diagnostic available here.  
  • Unable to invite Guest users to Teams - Tried to configure Guest Access but it's not working?  Users still can't invite Guests to Teams?  Run this diagnostic (screenshots above).
  • Unable to make domestic PSTN calls in Teams - If a user can't make local PSTN calls (in-country, i.e. 'domestic') - run this diagnostic that checks User licensing and configuration.  
  • Unable to make International PSTN calls in Teams - If a user can't make international PSTN calls (to another country) - run this diagnostic that checks User licensing and configuration.  
  • Unable to create a Teams conference call - Specifically a Dial-in Conference also known as a PSTN Conference - usually the dial-in coordinates are not included when a meeting is created in Outlook.  Run this diagnostic to understand why.  
  • Unable to join a Teams conference call - Got a user or users complaining they can't dial into a Teams Audio Conference (meeting)?  Not for native client Joins - dial in - this is the diag.  
  • Teams Auto-Attendant Tried to setup a Teams Auto Attendant and it's not working?  Run this diagnostic to check the configuration and settings.  
  • *New* We Can't Get Your Files - If you have Users in your organization seeing a "we can't get your files" error attempting to access a shared file in Teams, run this diagnostic.  It will come up if you type in the exact error message.  
  • *New* Unable to Schedule a Teams Meeting on behalf of Delegate in Outlook - Having trouble scheduling a Teams Meeting on behalf of someone else in Outlook?  This diagnostic checks the back end permissions to ensure the Delegates (Boss/Admin) relationship is configured correctly.

We plan to highlight individual diagnostics in separate blog posts in future posts and we’re developing more diagnostic scenarios all the time, so be sure to Favorite and Follow.


As always, we value your feedback. Send us a note and tell us what other types of diagnostic scenarios you’d like to see for Teams.



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We are using Teams as a school for home educating.  I send out a schedule of 'missing' work that is downloaded from Insights to have students tell me that the work has been completed.  I have ascertained that this is because this work hasn't been graded - sometimes it doesn't need to be graded and the students also submit work via email.  Can this be overridden in anyway or by having a 'completed' button that could be checked and then the downloaded data would be correct?


Hi @Mrs-B thanks for your question; this Blog post is about Teams Online Diagnostics - you might try some more relevant resources for your questions about Teams and Education, try: for starters.  Community resources can be found here:

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buenos días cordialmente agradecemos su colaboración, es que tengo una cuenta de microsoft teams pero no puedo ingresar por que me parece que se ha presentado un error y no me permite ingresar, solicita que cierre la cesión, y aun asi reingresando una y otra vez no me permite el ingreso. alguien me puede colaborar en la comunidad como puedo arreglarlo. ya que el soporte brindado por microsoft es muy deficiente en este aspecto.   

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Great tool to make life easy for support team, extremely helpful in COVID-19 situation.

Thank you for above information.


@dari_posada it might be necessary to call support for an issue w/ logging on, however depending on how your password reset polices are configured as well.

Check this link for contacting support:

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Hi @Corbin Meek I stumbled across this post when trying to figure out exactly what the new "Enable logging for meetings diagnostics (requires restarting Teams)" means. There's no documentation to be found anywhere and then I thought perhaps Corbin knows something about it.


For reference:


By the way, this page really should be updated as it's been quite a while. That's most likely not on your table but I assume you know who to contact to make it happen.





hi @ChristianBergstrom this is good feedback, this is part of the new Meetings experience in Teams; not a Service Diagnostic like we are talking about in this blog however.  I'll follow up, thank you.  

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@Corbin Meek That I know. But sometimes you just have to take a shortcut ;) Appreciate your quick response!


Hi @ChristianBergstrom just following up, documentation was updated about two weeks ago, sorry for the delayed response:

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Thanks @Corbin Meek I actually got a heads up from @ThereseSolimeno about the updated page a couple of weeks ago. I do appreciate you getting back to me though!

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