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Hello World!

Introducing a new blog from Microsoft Teams Support in the tradition and spirit of NextHop, a nod to EHLO and in partnership with SharePoint Support Blog.


We hope to use this space to bring you timely and useful information to help you deploy, manage and support Microsoft Teams from the perspective and experience of Microsoft Teams Support.

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@Corbin Meek @NextHop - I hope I can get an answer on my issue?

I'm using MS Teams with the webapp after login on mine organisation MSOffice365 webpage. When I'm doing so using my browser Edge 83 just on my private laptop it's working fine.

But when I'm working on the same laptop using the same browser only logon by a Mobile Pass with an aut.code and get on Citrix to my virtual desktop it's not working?

From here I've only browser EI11 in Windows 7 Enterprise. When I'm going in EI11 to mine organisation MSOffice365 webpage and there open MS Teams, using the webapp, I can't join a meeting? When I'm clicking on the meeting to join I only go to making an new appointment. Also I don't have sound in Teams because when I'm in Teams outside the virual desktop I can hear my collega's before I click join.

THX! Martin 


hi @TAPEI 

You'll have better luck getting technical support by either opening a Support Case (contact your M365 Admin if you are not that person), or using the Forums here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msteams/forum?sort=LastReplyDate&dir=Desc&tab=All&status=all&mod...


Citrix VDI troubleshooting is beyond the scope of this blog, but very likely you have a networking issue with the VDI system, and an issue with audio passthrough.  Typically Citrix Support would own primary responsibility for that solution, but we partner with them via our Support channels to assist customers.  Good luck! 

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