Show microphone level during call

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It would be great to have some visual feedback of the microphone level during calls, showing the speaker, when he or she is talking too silently or causing unwanted noise.


This could avoid many of those "could you please speak louder?" or "can you hear me now?" that are currently present in almost every meeting.




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@hofingerandi what you really need a limiting / compression / expansion for the audio in the software to equalise out the signal to ensure volume is always within a specific range. That way low volumes are pushed up. High volumes pushed down. Saves the whole manually adjusting it. 



Of course, software should solve as much as possible, anyways, there are cases, that software cannot really solve:
* Speaker talks into the monitor (forgetting that the microphone is in the laptop next to him).
* Speaker has the microphone too far away from the mouth
* Speaker has the microphone too close to the mouth (resulting in spitting noises - hard to filter)
* Speaker talks into the headset microphone, but forgot to plug it in
* People next to the speaker are talking (depending on the situation, we want to hear them, or we don't)
Visual feedback could help in many of these situations.