Now in Public Preview: Quoted Reply for Desktop [web coming soon]



Quoted reply allows you to select messages in chat that you want to include in your response. It is a great way to add context and clarity with who you are conversing with whether it is a recent message or from one earlier in the conversation.

Flighting status

This feature is now available to everyone in Public Preview.

How to enable

  • Use an existing chat or create a new one. One on one, group, or meeting chat.
  • Example
    • User 1 writes multiple messages to user 2
      • KaushalMehtaLYNC_5-1631899983561.png


    • User 2 opens the menu on the first message to use the reply feature
      • KaushalMehtaLYNC_6-1631900003221.png


    • User 2 writes their response with the reply embedded
      • KaushalMehtaLYNC_7-1631900077404.png


    • Final result after sending it.
      • KaushalMehtaLYNC_8-1631900089617.png


  • A useful function available is being able to click on the quoted portion of the message. Doing this will highlight the original message and also move the chat display to that location.
  • The reply option is also available as a quick action by right clicking on the message you want to quote.


Note: If you need information about enabling the public preview itself, see “Enable the public preview for Teams” below.

Supported clients and platforms

Windows 10









Internet Explorer






No No No No No

* mobile already supported

Known issues

None known

Known limitations

  • Quoted reply is a chat feature. It is not available for channels.
  • This feature is supported in chats with external users except Skype for Business and Skype for Consumer as those experiences are plain text only.


Enable your Teams client for the public preview 


  1. First, IT admins need to set an update policy that turns on Show preview features. Learn how at Public preview in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs.  
  2. Users then choose to join the public preview individually. See Get early access to new Teams features - Office Support ( for instructions. 


Summary of public preview features

For a history of features in the Office and Teams public previews, see Release Notes Current Channel (Preview) - Office release notes | Microsoft Docs.


Send us your feedback 

Got feedback on features in the public preview or other areas of Teams? Let us know straight from Teams via Help Give feedback 





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49 Replies
Is it already available for the free version of Teams or is it only for the 365 version? Just tried in a chat but couldn't find.
Finally! thanks for introducing this feature! lovely
No keyboard shortcut - really??

The functionality is good but PLEASE do not remove the existing feature of pressing > to create a quoted message. It is not always that we users use the quote to quote a reply within the same chat. It could be to quote text from other applications, emails, documents and etc.


By forcing users to have to click the additional formatting icon and then click on the quote is just plain stupid. This reply feature should be just an added feature instead of a replacement to the existing feature.



It will be available to the public release of the 365 version in October.

This feature is also available within the free version of Teams that comes with the Windows 11 Insiders update.
typing > in your message will create the quote area still without having to open the formatting options.

But if a post has 100s replies a quoted reply to one of the previous replies would be very welcome...

A reply to message within the reply to post... Make Sense!



That is good to know. For a moment I was panicking because it is no longer behaving as so on my desktop version of Teams.

Exactly my thought. Double-clicking or swiping a message would be so much better.
I found it works if you type > and then press space. Before, it would open automatically. So it's just a slight change in behavior.
Seems like it is released to production versions, but only 32 bit? When it will be released to 64 bit as well?

@romankc I'm on (64-bits) and am able to quote?

@RobIIIvery interesting, same version exactly. I assume maybe there is some admin setting that could be enabled, any body have idea??

Thank you @kaushal. I have a small issue with this. Our teams is managed globally. Public Preview cannot be set from my end. However, some of my colleagues (on the same network and agency) have this feature already. The version is the same for all of us: 1.4.0026376 (64bit). We all are running the same set-up. How come I don't have it enabled? Tried different things, but none of them worked. Thanks
The reply functionality is now gone from Teams with the latest update last night.

My version is Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). I see in other comments, it is because it was not released in the 64-bit version. How come? It makes absolutely no sense.

When will this be released in the 64-bit version?
We have the same issue as Renovatio 1982, our policy is set to "Follow Office Preview" but Teams doesn't show "About -> Public Preview" as an option.


This feature is rolling out to production over time. All users should have this feature available before the end of October. It is not dependent on the build number or the bit version of the application.

This feature is rolling out to production over time. All users should have this feature available before the end of October. It is not dependent on the build number or the bit version of the application.