Microsoft Ignite Live Blog: BRK3120 - Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams

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Carolyn Blanding, Microsoft Teams Beta Engineer
Bryan Wofford, Microsoft Fast Track Engineer


This was an amazing session full of great troubleshooting tips to help make you become a Teams troubleshooting rock star!  Learn how to avoid pitfalls and understand how to prevent issues from occurring in the first place.  And in event problems do occur, learn how to identify and resolve them like a pro!


Carolyn and Bryan make this a fun session by walking us through some common and not so common problems that might pop up for users and admins.  Things like:


  1. User Feedback Diagnostics (UFD) - how Teams provides feedback to help make it obvious when something is wrong
  2. Why can't I make a PSTN Call in Teams?  Where is my Calling Icon?  
  3. Learn how CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+1 (PC) and Command+Option+SHFT+1 (MAC) can give you so much info!
  4. Why didn't my phone call connect?  Where to find normalization rules?
  5. Looking at users' call history and troubleshoot call quality and reliability
  6. Troubleshooting voicemail issues
  7. Why can't I add a Guest to my Team!?  Other considerations around Guest Access.
  8. What the heck is Islands Mode?  (Hint - its not a feeling you get in when in the Caribbean)
  9. Co-existence between Teams and Skype.
  10. Missing the Action in Teams.  Where did that message go?
  11. Why is my call being picked up by the wrong device?
  12. Why are outbound calls failing from my IP Phone?
  13. Teams Federation.  
  14. Oh Oh.  Someone deleted my channel.  Now what?!
  15. How to catch that user that deleted my Channel.  Pure Awesomeness!
  16. The Case of the missing Meeting Recording Button.  Get your sleuthing hats on!

This is a MUST see session if you are serious about quickly solving common issues and paving the way to better user adoption.  Well done Carolyn and Bryan!


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Thanks for reading!




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