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Ignite Live Blog : MTG30 - MSTeams Rooms deployment for an inclusive and enhanced meeting room

Published Nov 20 2019 11:55 AM 2,578 Views

MTG30 - Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment for an inclusive and enhanced meeting room

Speakers : Christian Schacht, James Corso, Greg Baribault  


In this sessions, we learn about the different options for meeting spaces, what to consider during planning, deployment, best practices, and new tools for managing your Teams meeting rooms at scale.


Microsoft Teams has many devices that fit all your personal needs and scenario’s ranging from Individual to Group Workspaces.


Why Teams Rooms (Footlocker Customer story)

  • Self Service one touch experience is easy to navigate.
  • They want to strip out HDMI and cords as you can just cast your screen or join the meeting to share the screen
  • It is flexible from Hardware perspective as you can select your own speakers, microphones, video devices and the actual meeting room devices. You can mix and match as required on a per meeting room basis.
  • Surface HUB is more a compliment to MTR than a replacement, using it as a companion device into the meeting to have great whiteboarding capabilities.

Announcing at Ignite: Collaboration Bar for Microsoft Teams: Intended for smaller huddle meeting rooms for Teams Meetings in any room, simple to install on any display, includes Audio, Video and Computer & managed from the Teams Admin Center.


Devices for Shared Spaces

Microsoft Teams Rooms

  • Ease of use: Start meetings in seconds (No hassle with cables or trying to find what meeting to join, just a simple one button touch to start a meeting)
  • Inclusive: Everyone gets a seat at the table (Remote participants can actively participate and contribute to the meetings)
  • Scalable: Configurations for any space (Working with Partners to enable any size of room)
  • Ready: Deploy and manage at scale (Ready for users and ready for IT to monitor and manage them, keep firmware and software up to date)



Currently there are 5 Vendors that have Teams Meeting Rooms solutions (Crestron, HP, Lenovo, Logitech, Yealink)

There are a very broad set of devices for Audio & Video that can be used in any combination with Microsoft Teams Room systems devices.

A sample of new devices include

  • Content Camera devices
  • Ceiling Tile Microphones that have the best audio experience
  • Pana Cast device from Jabra

Customer Obsession + Continuous Innovations

  • 360 Camera Support
  • Proximity Based “Bring your own meeting”

A new concept of meeting rooms at Microsoft is the Ad-hoc only meeting rooms that cannot be scheduled with Outlook. The only way to use those rooms is to use them and use proximity-based join to bring them into your meetings.


  • Microsoft Whiteboard Meeting & Content Capture Device

If the conference room has touch display, then the Microsoft Whiteboard will be interactive. The magic whiteboard can bring in existing physical whiteboards into the meeting.


  • Theming and Branding

Full Screen theme images for Front of Room display. Coming Soon: Branding on the Console




Announcements and Coming Soon @Ignite

  • Proximity join will automatically answer the incoming call on the meeting room device (currently you must accept the call manually)
  • Ability to share and save the magic whiteboard Capture & Save snapshots and then can be converted to Microsoft Whiteboard digital ink.
  • Branding on the Meeting Room Screens and console
  • Control Extension for MTR partners to enable full control of the entire meeting room like lights, blinds, etc…
  • The ability to join 3rd Party Meetings like Cisco and Zoom, this will be launching early next year. Microsoft Teams Rooms devices will have the capability to join web-based Cisco & Zoom meetings and the Zoom & Cisco devices will be able to join Microsoft Teams meetings.
  • Meeting Room Devices management in the Teams Admin Center
  • Surface HUB and Teams Rooms can be used both in the same meeting, Microsoft will release coordinated meeting room join. Both devices will join to a meeting when clicking join on one of the devices. MTR and HUB are paired and at the same time there is great front of room experience including the best Digital Whiteboard experience



Microsoft did an actual demonstration of joining a Cisco and Zoom meetings from a Microsoft Teams Meeting Room device and it is based on Web Based joins that use Web RTC mainly to join the Cisco/Zoom meetings.


MTR joining a Zoom meeting



MTR joining a Cisco meeting


Device Management for Teams Meeting Rooms.

  • In the Devices section of the Teams Admin Portal you will see the Teams Rooms Tab that will list all Rooms with Manufacture, Model, Last Seen & Health of the meeting rooms.
  • Call Quality and Usage is available 
  • Settings can be changed, and devices can be restarted.

Microsoft Teams is partnering with the Intune teams to manage the Windows components of the device. There will be cross links in between Intune and the Teams Room configuration in the Teams Admin Portal.

  • When clicking on an actual Room system device the portal will show the Peripherals connected on a specific device, it will include people counting from the MTR itself, in addition to health also the actual usage can be tracked. Changes to configuration are tracked.
  • All of this will take away the pain of managing the Teams Meeting Rooms.





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You can watch the session here :


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Occasional Contributor

hello, about the next update, was scheduled for April not?  what happen?

Hi Erick,


Not sure what update you are referring to, can you clarify your request?

As always with announcements and General Availability it is hard to set actual dates as features may slip and the updates rolling out to tenants take a while to process all of the datacenters.




Occasional Contributor

Hi Johan, thanks for the quick reply,  the last update announced based on which would include interoperability with Zoom, Webex, a view of the 3x3 cameras, support for modern authentication, set default volumen,  among others

Many announcements at the blog  techcommunity Microsoft Teams, topic  Rooms December update, many announcements by Ilya Bukshteyn



Microsoft publicly announced that 3x3 video gallery is rolling out soon (whatever soon means, I have no date)

The Zoom/Webex interop was announced but there has not been any dates communicated so we will have to wait for those ones a bit longer.

Modern Authentication is supported since the availability of Microsoft Teams so not sure what you find is not supported with regards to modern auth?

I am not sure what default volumen means so can't help you there.


I think the overall problem is announcements vs general availability is that time can stretch before it bubbles to general tenants as in TAP programs issue may come up that delay the release of features.




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