Top 10 best new Microsoft Teams features for effective collaboration

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Knowing all the Microsoft Teams functions/features is quite a challenge as Microsoft keeps updating their products on a regular basis to improve their capabilities. So, based on my recent project experience, I am writing this article to assist other techies like myself with the new features introduced or being introduced. If you are really an avid Microsoft Teams user, I think this article is highly recommended.


Let’s go through the new features one by one:


  1. LinkedIn integration

We can now see LinkedIn profiles in one-on-one chats. To view someone's profile, select the LinkedIn tab of the chat if they have one available.


  1. Collaboration controls

This new form of collaboration controls to Power Apps, allows developers to incorporate features from the Microsoft 365 suite into Power Apps apps. New rules for Team discussions, meetings, files, and tasks are included.


  1. In-app purchases

Microsoft would like to manage and purchase licenses for services that an office could utilize easier for teams. As per Microsoft, the in-app purchase can be implemented right into Teams, allowing customers to buy or upgrade licenses.


  1. Live share and loop

Microsoft will allow users to engage with content during a group call. This capability will now enable participants to co-create content in real-time during a meeting. One example included allowing meeting attendees to examine, comment, and alter 3D models in real-time during a conversation. The Redmond tech behemoth is already collaborating with several partners to expand Live Share's capabilities, and the function will also interact with suitable third-party apps.


  1. Teams store discoverability

Microsoft is making it easier to find what you're looking for in the Teams Store. It uses context from talks to improve app discoverability. A URL or QR code can also add an app to Teams.


  1. Echo cancellation and “de-reverberation”

Teams will support features like echo cancellation and “de-reverberation” that will help in adjusting poor room acoustics. The video calling service will also offer more natural conversations and will also suppress background noises.


  1. Pinn message extensions for end-users by IT Administrator

Administrators can now pin message extensions for end-users in their tenants. These apps will be accessible to all users via the compose bar.


  1. Communicate with everyone in your organization

Microsoft Teams gives the opportunity to create five organization-wide teams. These are groups to which all users automatically belong, i.e., are added.


  1. Share Teams channels with customers, clients, and partners

The feature allows organizations to invite external users into a shared Microsoft Teams environment, opening the door to cross-business collaboration with clients and partners. As far as I am aware, Microsoft announced this feature in the beginning of this year, but it is yet to release.


  1. New Live Share

Microsoft is also adding a new Live Share feature to Microsoft Teams, which will allow participants to start co-editing or co-creating during Teams meetings. Live Share will be available through apps that integrate into Microsoft Teams, offering more interactive meetings that go beyond simple screen sharing.

The new features list does not end this year, but what I have mentioned above are only the top 10 that I came across based on my experience. There is no surprise if Microsoft announces some more new features by the time this article gets published, but I will try to cover them in a new article or amend them in this article only.




Muniraja Krishnappa has 23 years of experience across architecting, operations and maintenance of Microsoft Messaging, Collaboration and cloud Technologies. Currently serving as a Principle Infra Architect with Cognizant Technology Solutions. He has a technical expertise across architecting and administration of Microsoft Exchange (On-premises), Microsoft 365(across Exchange Online, Cloud App Security, Azure AD, Power Automate platform and Graph API automation) and has been working for few of the fortune 500 clients.


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