New ways to use apps and get more done in Microsoft Teams
Published Jan 29 2018 08:41 PM 12.3K Views

Today, we announced new features in Microsoft Teams that make it an even more powerful hub for teamwork, enabling you to use apps in new ways, customize your personal workspace, and take quick actions. This marks the biggest single release of new functionality since Teams launched last March.


Include information from an app in a conversation—Now you can have a conversation about content from an app without the need to include a screenshot or a hyperlink. In the same way that you can add a or GIF, you can now bring information from apps - like a task in Trello or a weather forecast - into a chat or channel message with a simple click.

You can now include information content from apps —like a news article —directly in a chat.You can now include information content from apps —like a news article —directly in a chat.

Access a personal view of your apps—The new personal apps space makes it easy for you to access the apps you care about and see for example all the items that you have been assigned to across apps, like tasks in Planner, or issues in Jira Cloud.

Here you will also find Who—a new app powered by the Microsoft Graph—which allows you to search for people in your organization by name or topic. To access your personal apps space, click the … in the left navigation menu.

Add Who to your personal apps space to search for experts in your organizationAdd Who to your personal apps space to search for experts in your organization


Discover apps for Teams in the new Store—We made it easier to search and discover apps available in Teams in the new Store. Now you can search for apps by name, category, or integration type.


Command apps, take quick actions, and search—all from the command box – A new command box integrates commanding with search. From here, you can quickly query or command an app and for example search for information, such as an image in Adobe Creative Cloud or a news article.


You can also take quick actions with slash commands. For example, you can use a slash command to set your status to “away,” or call a coworker. To get started with slash commands, type / to see the list of commands currently available.

Use slash commands to take action quickly in TeamsUse slash commands to take action quickly in Teams


These features are rolling out starting today, and you can expect to see them in your Teams client shortly. Read the full announcement for all information




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Really nice additions. Here's my hands-on blog post:


My favourite is the apps cards in Teams chat threads. Really useful!


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I've got the new update, but I don't have the wide channel text. It's still narrow. Is there a hidden setting for this?

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We've just spotted whilst looking at the cards, that if you tell Teams to set up messaging to include News for a particular team (e.g. news), you would expect that all members of the team in that channel would be able to set it up. However each user is asked to set it up again (i.e. it offers the personal and add to a team view for all users)


This can be really confusing and I would have expected only the "For You" to be visible if somebody had already set this for up for a team. I think there needs to be more explanations on how the "Add to a team" works compared to "for You"




I found by re-installing Microsoft Teams, I was able to get the update. 

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Lot's of great stuff in this update, especially the central command/search box and the app info integrated in conversations.


The new Planner/My Tasks view is great. However, I'm surprised that Planner tasks can't easily be pulled into conversations, even though tasks in Trello can. Hopefully, this is coming in a future release.


Hi @Erik Nazarenko, great to hear that you like the new features and thanks for your feedback. We're absolutely working on enabling more apps for this functionality. Stay tuned!


Hi @Adrian Pratt, can you clarify what you mean by wide channel text?


Hi @Deleted, thanks for your feedback. I've passed this along to engineering and they are already working on fixing this.

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How the WHO bot answers the "Who knows about something”? The answer says something about mentions and posts, where is it from?


Hi @Alex Dinnouti, Who is powered by the Microsoft graph and provides you with an answer based on the conversations that people in your teams have had on the topic.

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@Anne Michels Our company has a very specific use case for Who Bot. We're an IT Services company. A question that's *always* getting asked is, "Who knows about XYZ?" It would be great if Who Bot prioritized the info from a user's Delve profile so if I asked "Who knows about SharePoint?" users with "SharePoint" listed under their skills would populate first, instead of the Dispatcher who asked "Who knows about SharePoint" 30+ times in a Teams chat.

2018-02-03 19_50_28-Delve – – editprofile.png


Hi @Paul Youngberg, thanks for the suggestion. Can you please submit your idea through user voice?

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@Anne Michels in the images above, it shows the conversations stretching across the screen. For me, I've still got a narrow column of text in the middle, with a lot of space around it.

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