Microsoft Lists in Microsoft Teams is now generally available

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Today, we are proud to announce the general availability of the Lists app in Teams for all our commercial and GCC customers. As you might already know, Microsoft Lists, which we announced at Build 2020 is a Microsoft 365 app that helps you track information and organize your work. Lists are simple, smart, and flexible, so you can stay on top of what matters most to your team. Track patients, loans, issues, assets, routines, contacts, inventory and more using customizable views and smart rules and alerts to keep everyone in sync. With ready-made templates, you can quickly create lists from directly within Teams and access them on the Teams mobile app by accessing the Lists tab you added as a channel.


Introducing the Lists app in Teams

The vision of the Lists app in Teams is to bring all the collaboration and communication modalities to lists and list items, so it is easy to get work done.

The new Lists app experience in Microsoft Teams, for mobile on the left and for Web and desktop on the right.The new Lists app experience in Microsoft Teams, for mobile on the left and for Web and desktop on the right.


Lists in Teams is supported as a team based tab app built on top of the Microsoft Teams platform and supports the following features:

  1. New list creation from scratch, from templates (8 standard templates and 3 industry specific ones: Patients, Loans, and Incidents), from Excel table data and from an existing list.
  2. Importing existing team lists as new tabs.
  3. All standard list features that you can access in SharePoint web: column types, view formatting, Quick Edit, exporting to Excel, sorting, filtering, etc.
  4. The ability to have a channel conversation about a list item (see below for more details).
  5. All user actions on the list are audited and available in the Security and compliance center audit logging.


How do I get started?
To get started, simply go to any channel where you would like to start tracking a list and hit the “+” button to explore the tab gallery and select the Lists app. Once the tab is added you can either create a new list or bring in an existing list (from another team or an older SharePoint site, but not a personal list from Lists home) into the channel as a new tab.

Create a new list inside Teams with conversations side-by-side. The above shows using the Asset manager template.Create a new list inside Teams with conversations side-by-side. The above shows using the Asset manager template.


The Lists app in Teams includes 3 new industry-specific templates – Patients, Loans and Incidents. Team members start managing and tracking these key entities. Here are some examples of how these templates can be leveraged.

Create a new list from within Microsoft Teams and choose from numerous ready-made templates, including the new industry-specific ones.Create a new list from within Microsoft Teams and choose from numerous ready-made templates, including the new industry-specific ones.


  1. Healthcare organizations can use the Lists app in Teams to support patient rounding, multi-discplinary huddles and discharge planning. The Patients template is an easy way for all health teams to track patient progress and keep in touch with their peers. If you have questions about storage of PHI in Teams, Lists, or Office 365, please see more documentation here.
  2. Government agencies can use the Lists app in Teams to track incidents and coordinated incident response. The Incidents template helps people quickly setup a list and get started.
  3. Loan officers at a mortgage broker or bank can use the Lists app to track a set of loans and informally collaborate on advancing a them to approval. The Loans template helps them get started with plenty of scope for further customization.


How do I start a conversation alongside a list item?

Once you have configured the tab and have a list with list items, you can start a conversation about an individual list item. Go to the details view (or form) for the list item by clicking into the title field and then click on conversation to start a conversation about the list item on the channel. With this feature, you can collaborate with your team about the list item (your key business entities) and get work done, faster.

Since the conversation is a channel message in Teams, all the messaging features like @mentions, rich text, giphies, stickers, emojis, mentions, tagging, and attachments are available for use! The conversation shows up in the right rail for the list item and also on the channel for those who might not have viewed the list as yet.

You can chat side-by-side individual list items within Teams.You can chat side-by-side individual list items within Teams.


See more about getting started with the Lists app in Teams “Create a list in Microsoft Teams” click-thru demo. And do not forget to try the Lists app experience in the Teams mobile app to track your lists within Teams on the go. Just go to your Teams android or iOS mobile apps and go to the channel where you have added the Lists app and click on more and tap on the tab name to open up the list.

lists in teams5.png



Learn more about the Lists app in Teams

If you are unable to see the Lists app in your channel, please contact your Teams Admin because applications in the Teams app store can be disabled or enabled by app permission policies. For more information, see the Manage the Lists app in Teams article. If you are looking for more resources and guidance, please review the help article here. For general help content and resources on Microsoft Lists, check out the Microsoft Lists resource center.


Note: Users of the existing SharePoint tab app in Teams that have pinned a list will see their experience inside the tab get upgraded to the latest Lists in Teams experience. This change will be rolling out today as well. 

Millions of people use SharePoint lists and libraries every month in Microsoft 365 to track issues, manage inventory, report status, onboard new hires, build out event agendas, manage FAQs, and more. With flexible columns, forms, and views, you can build your own solution to meet your specific needs without knowing how to code. All these great capabilities now come to you inside the Lists app in Teams.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read about Lists in Teams! We’d love to hear any feedback or ideas you might have. Do submit suggestions on user voice. We are listening!

Occasional Visitor

Is there any way of formatting new entries in the drop down lists. For example if I've created anew status that is "On track" I would like it to be highlighted in Green. It seems like all new entries are just in normal font.

Regular Visitor

We already have started using LISTS - and they work perfectly in the web environment and the windows desktop teams app. However, we don't see any lists when using the android Teams app. Admin allows me to enable or disable the list functionality as such, but there's nothing where I would have to enable mobile use. How do I get the lists shown on the mobile?


@rolandheller - Sorry to hear that! There are no separate settings to enable the lists tab on teams android app. If you are able to see the tab in a channel on web/desktop you should also be able to see it as a tab in the phone app under channel > more > tabs. Just curious, are you on the latest version of the Teams Android App and what is your mobile device and OS? Also can you please report a problem/log a support ticket so we can formally investigate this with our mobile platform team, definitely sounds like a bug. 

Regular Visitor

@Ansuman Acharya teams version used on android is 1416/ We have tried it on Samsung Galaxy N10+ and Samsung Galaxy S20. Using Android Version 10, build QP1A.190711.020.N975FXXS6CTGA. Other apps, e.g. planner and shift show ok. But not the LISTS app. Where do I report a problem ticket?

New Contributor

@edmundovm use conditional formatting available via the views dialog.



New Contributor

In my testing on various Android devices, the Teams app will list Lists tabs under the More heading, but trying to open those lists produces the progress wheel of death, and you have to kill the app to make it responsive (I left one run for hours).

Regular Visitor

I hate to be that guy but mortgage is spelled wrong above as morgtage


Looks great! Does anyone know if it will include a Gantt chart view?


And here is a link to the upcoming Ignite and more skilling sessions for Lists in Teams: (More to come soon)

New Contributor

This MS Teams on Android failure to render Lists has been fixed (for our tenant at least)!

Regular Visitor

@Andy_Kinnard still no luck with my lists ... first I thought it's due to the dark mode - but light mode didn't help. Considering that MS has a Office 365 partnership with Samsung, this is a rather poor performance. Interestingly, lists can be shown using a trick - add a list item specific comment adds an icon to the chat. clicking on that icon will show the details of the list item - then it is possible to click back - that shows the list. So it's not an issue that lists don't work, but an issue with the tab index not showing the lists referenced to a channel. oh well ...

New Contributor

@rolandheller, Teams on Android always showed the tabs that were lists for us. What it wouldn't do is successfully render the list once selected. It generated the spinning wheel of no progress however long one would wait.

Regular Visitor

@Andy_Kinnard oh so another bug. In our case it doesn't how the lists we've defined as tabs.

New Contributor

Ok now i able to find the app



When a Task is assigned to someone in the List it does not get added to their Tasks, or To-Do's or Planner. Is this feature coming? Or how do I turn this on?

Also, if we could drag/ drop items in the list to re-arrange with some some headers or groups like Google Table or AirTable or this would be very useful. 

New Contributor

We have a lot of interested users,  we have Microsoft Lists in  Teams, but it does not have all the features needed.  Will the rules and etc be available for everyone at the end of October?   We need to get clear information on when Microsoft Lists will have all features that you have presented.  Please clarify when this will be released with all features. 

Occasional Contributor

Still don't see it on my Tenant. I have already bragged out the features to my team. Everyone is asking when we are going to get this. The list app within Teams is not of much use. It does not have majority of features.   

Occasional Visitor

Hi team,

I did think this would be a general O365 app. I may well like to use this in Teams but also like the flexibilty of creating a list and adding a few members - maybe disparate people and not all team members.

Can we still expect a release in O365 not just in Teams?



Occasional Visitor


i am trying to manage access of the added issues, but it run in a problem, the teams stops, 


what can i do ?

Hi everyone.


Is there a way to make a post in a channel add to the item on the list - And is there a two-way comm feature as well?


Trying to replace, but not seeing that as an option just yet.


Thank you!



Occasional Visitor

After 3 months I still cannot see the lists in my mobile app. We are using lists in the teams app without a problem, but the lists tabs we have created don't show on the mobile - not on Samsung S10, N10, S20. I have notified Microsoft about the issue back in October - but so far zero progress. @Ansuman Acharya 


@Ansuman Acharya - Please let us know what the timeline is to add the Microsoft Lists iOS app (released to the Apple Apps store last week) as an approved client app. We were excited to see the app released but disappointed because our 40K+ employees cannot use the app until we can control it with Conditional Access policies.

Edit 6/8/2021: Just to follow up, as of this morning, this is working. Microsoft Lists is now available as an approved client app for conditional access policies.

Occasional Visitor

It seems as though there are only 3 list templates available in GCC tenants, is that correct?  We are particularly interested in the work progress template.  Any idea when that will become available in GCC?

Occasional Visitor

I am using Lists and and filtering.     Unfortunately when i select more than 4 items within th filter list - it doesn't seem to work correctly.  ????

 Is this a limitation of the tool?  

Frequent Visitor

Is there a way, I can make a Filter setting on one of my lists stored permanently ?
Currently I find myself on each visit to the list, first filter down to the "New" and "Ongoing" entries, to get rid of the closed ones.

Would be great to save this setting, so I don't need to do it on each visit. Preferably per list, but even globally would be good.
I couldn't find such a feature.


Occasional Contributor

@31415926 "Is there a way, I can make a Filter setting on one of my lists stored permanently ?"

You can click the top right menu, "Create New View" or modiy your fields and use "Save View As".

Then click the gear at the top right, "List Settings" and set that new view to show as default (Default View options in View section). 

Frequent Visitor

@MGSpaceCaptain Great ! Thanks !

I needed to use the drop down list of views and then "Set current View as Default" to make it the Default view (version differences ? I have

One question: Do you know, how to delete a view ? I couldn't find that.

Frequent Visitor

@MGSpaceCaptain Great ! Thanks !

I needed to use the drop down list of views and then "Set current View as Default" to make it the Default view (version differences ? I have

One question: Do you know, how to delete a view ? I couldn't find that.

Frequent Visitor

Answer to my own question: "One question: Do you know, how to delete a view ? I couldn't find that."

... (left) / Open in Sharepoint
In Sharepoint:

  • Open Drop-down-list with Views
  • In the list: "Edit current (Not visible in Teams)
  • [Delete] (Not Visible, if it is the default view)
Occasional Contributor

@31415926 You can set that view to default as well using the method you chose. Clicking the Globe icon will open the list in a browser and expose more options like the settings gear / list settings at the top right. 


  1. To delete a view
  2. Click globe icon.
  3. Click Settings icon and List Settings
  4. Scroll down to the view section. The view you want to delete cannot be the default. Change the default if necessary by clicking on the view name and checking or unchecking the "Make this the default view" checkbox. Click OK. 
  5. Delete is at the top right of the Edit View screen if the view is not the defaut. 





New Contributor

@Ansuman Acharya, wondering if this feature is still in "backlog" the user voice was just removed as well as all others, that´s sad :(

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