Microsoft & Cisco partner to simplify meetings and calling for mutual customers
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In a modern workplace we recognize that customers can have a mix of different vendors across conference rooms and calling infrastructure solutions. Over the year’s customers have asked us to simplify their deployment complexity in a mixed vendor environment. With today’s announcements we hope to simplify and accelerate conference room and IP voice gateway deployment options for our customers as they adopt Microsoft Teams within their organizations.


Today Microsoft and Cisco are announcing a partnership to work together to simplify the interoperability between Microsoft Teams Rooms and Phone System with Cisco Webex Room devices and IP voice gateways respectively. This partnership aligns with both Microsoft and Cisco’s dedication to openness, interoperability and customer choice. It includes three new initiatives to help our customers to get more out of their current investments:

Cloud Video Interop (CVI)

This partnership enables Cisco Webex video devices to connect to the Microsoft Teams meeting services. Cisco Webex will introduce an interop solution that will be certified as a Microsoft Cloud Video Interop (CVI) solution. This offer will allow Cisco Webex Room devices and SIP video conferencing devices to join Microsoft Teams meetings with a reliable interop experience. This will benefit customers who have asked for Cisco and Microsoft to provide a reliable interop solution to enable their existing Cisco video devices to join Microsoft Teams meetings in a seamless way. This solution is expected to GA in early CY20.


Direct guest join, for meeting room devices

Cisco and Microsoft are working together on a new approach that enables meeting room devices to connect to meeting services from other vendors via embedded web technologies. Microsoft and Cisco will be enabling a direct guest join capability from their respective video conferencing device to the web app for the video meeting service. This capability will be supported on latest generations of meeting room devices like Microsoft Teams Rooms and Cisco Webex Room devices, which can run embedded web technologies. This solution is expected to GA in early 2020.

Microsoft Teams Room joing Cisco Webex Meeting via direct guest joinMicrosoft Teams Room joing Cisco Webex Meeting via direct guest join


Direct Routing for Phone System

Direct Routing, a feature of Microsoft Phone System, allows customers to choose and then directly connect their telecom provider to Teams. At the heart of this solution is an essential component known as the Session Border Controller (SBC). It provides a wide variety of services which improve the experiences and security for users making calls. Many customers also use Cisco Networking technology including SBCs and want both companies to provide joint solutions that do not require replacement of key infrastructure. Today we are excited to share that Cisco has joined our certification program for Session Border Controllers. Customers who already has a telecom provider and use Cisco SBCs will soon be able to deploy Direct Routing for dial tone in Teams without replacing infrastructure.

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Impatient to test this

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Great news. Lots of new options for customers.


Here is my take:

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Been waiting a long time for this!  It will allow us to use our current hardware with Microsoft Teams which has been a frequent ask from our employees.

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Adios Webex Teams! Now users can use MS Teams and make voice calls via SIP trunks to Cisco CUBE > Cisco CM!

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Could you please share the documentation for direct routing with cisco SBC?

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This is going to be huge. I'm excited about this partnership.

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Glad to hear this is in the works. Eager to see deployment at scale!

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So excited about the possibility of even more partnerships around the direct guest join.  It will make the MTR solutions the premiere solutions in market.

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This is significant as it provides maximum flexibility for customers that have existing investments in Cisco VTC endpoints in joining Teams meetings and allows customers to move to the Teams platform on their own terms without any interruption of service.  Can't wait to test this.

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Does this mean that a Cisco Spark Board 55 can host MS Teams users and vice versa?

@davrob01 The Spark Board can join a Teams Meeting as a guest using WebRTC.  There is a video overview in my blog summary here


This is great news!


Please share any additional information.


kind regards,



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impatient de tester la solution



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Good Morning, any update?.



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Hello... Is the Microsoft Teams CVI compatibility with Cisco Room Kits going to be available prior to the end of Q2 2020? This site says "This solution is expected to GA in early CY20." We use MS Teams extensively but with Cisco Room Kits, we can only join our customer and partner Zoom and Cisco meetings using our equipment. Joining with Microsoft Teams would allow us to use the equipment more often.

@KMS397 There are already 3 vendors doing CVI today.  Remember they are a subscription service so you not buying hardware and being tied in for years.  You could get one today and terminate it when the Cisco solution is available.  That's the beauty of SaaS.  I've heard Cisco CVI is quite a way off and I'm guessing Covid-19 has delayed it further like many things.

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Looking forward to integrate our on-premises Cisco Unified Call Manager PBX with MS Teams, to get a full-featured MS Teams UC app providing PSTN calls. My understanding is that it has to be done using Direct Routing, which means some telephony users will be migrated to MS Teams (Cloud PBX), while the others will still be managed by our Cisco CM. I guess this scenario has to be seen as a transition, before you move all your telephony users and environment to the MS Cloud, and get rid of your on-prem PBX. Is there another scenario in which MS Teams and CUCM would fully integrate ? We don't want to manage 2 UC Apps (Cisco WebEx Teams & MSFT Teams), but we are not ready to move our telephony to the Cloud yet.

Any feedback or any advice from the community would be great !


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Any news about this? All I can at the moment is integration on MS Teams, but what must of us want is to be able to Cisco devices to join a Teams meeting.

They better do something quite quickly on the Cisco side if they don't want users to get rid of all Cisco systems to focus on only one that goes along with the MS Suite.

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As a o365 business who have made a significant investment in meeting room systems over the years, we were very excited to read this initial announcement.  But on digging down through the detail, it really is a bit of a damp squib. The CVI license would allow our organisation to send out MS Team invites with additional information. But it does nothing to accommodate Team invites sent to us from external organisations, unless they too have purchased their own interop licensing. Why Microsoft can't offer a simple, standards based option for their Teams offering is unfathomable. It creates significant barriers to entry, and headaches for UC teams around the globe where their staff expect to offer a truly unified communications experience. Sadly, the world of UC remains a pipe dream for many integrators.

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Hello Team, 

Can we dial the VC endpoints from MS Teams ? Kindly suggest on it.




Not possible with the CVI solution as that is only inbound. 

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