Join a Call or Meeting with Microsoft Teams Mobile App
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Would you like having the power of communicating and collaborating with colleagues without needing your computer? Microsoft Teams is innovating every day to create collaboration & communication experiences that naturally extend to your mobile device.   As we release new capabilities into Microsoft Teams, we also ensure the Teams Mobile app meets your daily communications needs, particularly if you are remote or on-the-go. Below are a few features in the Teams mobile app that help you call and meet with others. 


Meetings & Calling Experiences 

  • Join calls and meetings – initiate, receive, or join 1:1 calls and scheduled meetings via audio (VoIP), video or phone* with team members or others outside your organization.  If you need to add more participants to an ongoing conversation, the Teams mobile app allows you to search for additional members or enter a phone number to join a call or meetings.  (*Note: requires Phone System and/or Audio Conferencing)



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  • Share content & control presentations – share your iPhone or iPad screen, images, or live video stream with others meeting attendees.  Additionally, attendees can view presentations, request control and advance slides.  Alternatively, they can view the presentation in a private mode and skip ahead. Coming soon, you will be able to share Android screen, and files from cloud storage apps including OneDrive and SharePoint, directly in the mobile client.


Share a photo, view a presentation, or skip ahead in the Teams mobile appShare a photo, view a presentation, or skip ahead in the Teams mobile app


  • Transfer calls and configure call forward and simultaneous ring – once in call, transfer individual calls to another team member or a phone number.  You can also, configure call forwarding and simultaneous ring settings in the mobile client to ensure you don’t miss important calls. 
  • Check voicemail –  retrieve all voicemail messages and transcripts*. You can also configure your settings such as changing your voicemail greeting directly in the mobile client.  (*Note: requires a license to Phone System in Office 365) 


Network & battery optimization

There are a few intelligent features for network and battery optimization that help improve your overall calling and meeting experiences with the Teams mobile client.  You can rest assured, when you're connecting and communicating with others, the Teams mobile app provides you the best experience.


  • Bandwidth Optimization –  When you happen to cross a poor internet network while in a meeting, the Teams app gives you the option to ‘Call me back’ at a number you’ve set or re-join via a phone call.   Additionally, Teams will prompt with you with the option to switch from video to audio - giving you continued good audio quality
  • Battery Optimization – Teams proactively monitors your battery life and gives you options to reduce the consumption of your battery.  During a meeting Teams will prompt you to switch from video to audio mode and also provides you the option of turning off all incoming video from others.  

Try out these features on the mobile app by downloading Microsoft Teams mobile app in the iTunes App Store and Google Play store
Watch ‘A day in life on Teams Mobile’ the Team On Air Video below.



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