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Driving collaboration is  journey and requires more than just technical knowledge. To aid you in getting the most from Microsoft Teams, we have created a new site to provide you with guidance on how to Plan, Deliver & Operate Microsoft Teams within your organization:   


This site includes the following resources to help you succeed with Microsoft Teams: 

• Practical Guidance  
• Academy Training 
• Bandwidth Calculator 


Launching our product is the beginning of driving better collaboration in your enterprise. Our documentation not only addresses the technical and delivery components but includes our change management approach to drive true adoption.


Practical Guidance 

We know that you will have questions, so we have documented the key information and practical guidance your organization needs to Plan, Deliver & Operate Microsoft Teams. Visit our site and download these assets.     


  1. Practical Guidance for Microsoft Teams.docx: The Practical Guidance document is a set of guidance and best practices for deploying Microsoft Teams successfully within your organization.  It covers the core content around Plan, Deliver & Operate and works through the key decision points that you need to make.   
  2. Microsoft Teams Pre-Workshop Questionnaire.docx: The Pre-Workshop Questionnaire is intended to be used to collect basic information about your organization’s current Office 365 environment.  Information from this questionnaire will help the workshop presenter customize the workshop content ahead of their delivery.   
  3. Planning Workshop for Microsoft Teams.pptx: The Planning Workshop is intended to be used by a technical resource within your organization to deliver an interactive, structured conversation to get started with Microsoft Teams. The Workshop and Practical Guidance document complement one another and can be used together.    
  4. Microsoft Teams Workshop Decision Points Summary.docx: The Microsoft Teams Workshop Decision Points Summary is single asset which consolidates all the decision points and next steps from the Planning Workshop and the Practical Guidance document. This document allows you to view all these key decisions in one view.    



To learn about Microsoft Teams, we put together two training videos:  

Introduction to Microsoft Teams - This session introduces Microsoft Teams, a new collaboration tool built on the Office 365 stack.  With Microsoft Teams, all your team conversations, related files, notes, and content are kept together in one place and easily accessible by everyone on the team.  In this session, you will learn how Microsoft Teams will help your team to communicate more effectively. 

Deploying and Operating Microsoft Teams - This session will detail what IT Pros need to consider when enabling Microsoft Teams for their organization. During this session, we walk through the process for rolling out Microsoft Teams, configuring the infrastructure, as well as taking a closer look at the supporting technologies. This training session also covers how to operate Microsoft Teams. 


Bandwidth Calculator 

We also released a bandwidth calculator to help you plan your bandwidth needs for Microsoft Teams.  The initial release of this tool will provide guidance on your organization’s bandwidth calculations, however the goal is to turn this into an interactive tool that you can use to plan your bandwidth requirements.   


Next Steps 
1. Watch the academy trainings
2. Download and review the practical guidance to get started with Microsoft Teams. 
3. Discuss with us in our community
4. Tell us what you think.  Provide feedback and vote on other ideas  


We love your enthusiasm about our product.  Please keep the comments and questions coming!


Thanx & Talk to you Soon,
Karuana Gatimu
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