Video Layout in Group meeting set by Skype or Teams

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Hello, I am a beginner to use Microsoft teams. I am currently confusing when we have business meetings about the combination of Skype for business and Microsoft teams.

1. Is it possible to access to the planed meeting from both of them?

2. How can we keep watching our face each other (there are 12 members in my team...) ? We have a problem, for example, during someone is talking, the other video might be off (invisible) automatically. Additionally, I‘ve saw the news in April, you will launch a new option, maximum number 9 people will show at the same time. Has it already started?

Thank you,
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Hi Erena,

1. Yes, you can join a Teams or Skype for Business regardless of your specific account configuration.
2. Right now, the limit is 4 videos. However, this is changing VERY soon! We are working on rolling out 9 video layout. We will update the roadmap and UserVoice item shortly to reflect the roll out status:

Thanks, Emily