Timer/Countdown in Meetings


Any plans on getting a timer/countdown in meetings?

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@Christopher Hoard this is a really hacky workaround, but I made a slide deck with a countdown that advances every second.  Trick is to edit Slide Master to change the background (instructions on slide 2) so you don't have to edit 300 individual slides.  Then run slideshow and share the screen (or run in Kiosk mode and share that)

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@Christopher Hoard Hi Christoper, we've heard this ask. One we have an update we will put an update on this UserVoice item

@NickStillings  Interesting workaround! I'll have to give that a try - thanks for sharing


@Christopher Hoard Please add visual timer to TEAMS for our younger virtual classes!

@Christopher Hoard Pueden usar StreamYard para usuarios novatos o usar usuarios profesionales OBS Studio , para crear pantallas virtuales con el contador de tiempo o cualquier aplicación que requieran compartir.

@Emily Kirby 


Each time I folow the link, it says "We have emailed a magic link to Sandra Rose" but the email never comes.  I have tried this 3 different times. Any other way to contact MS?


Thanks ... Sandra

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