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Not sure if anybody else is suffering badly when trying to track what version change what feature. Now when you to to page: What's new in Microsoft Teams that is good, but how nice that would be if you could add also the version number? Then it would be much more easier to track changes.


Also would be nice if you could share, at least the major fixes.

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@Petri X 


I would like to second this.  We get hammered with 10 major change notifications a week, however we never know exactly when we get any of it.  99% of any other application has some kind of release notes popup when the app is updated.  Can we not have something like that with Teams?

Hi @Petri X - features aren't actually added along with client version. While sometimes they may correlate, we push down features in what are called 'rings' that allow us to push these features silently once a client is stationary. Any client-updates are meant along for any client-side fixes specifically!


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@Jeremy Hamilton +1 we need better update info

@Sam Cosby 

Actually the rings makes this even worst :( We are walking in a dark and only waiting when we are hit by your changes.

Hi @Petri X - we understand! There's work being done to look into this.. Also, please take a look at the following link for additional details, thanks!



@Sam Cosby 

Take a look at this: MTR Release notes. This is pretty good.

@Petri X Hi, that is for Teams Roms not for Teams, check the overview on the document

Hi @Eduardo_RS 

Yes, that is true. This forum was Teams AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything) and I lifted up the release notes issue on Teams client itself. And I was using the release notes from room system as an example to Microsoft persons.

I just came across this today and this is madness. Why on earth would they not include the version numbers?

@Sam Cosby Any update you could share from what you said earlier about work being done? Thanks :)

As Sam mentioned earlier and how I have understood, the new features are already included earlier client versions, but before the feature becomes available to you Microsoft must enable that feature on cloud site as well. So they are not able to say which client version brings the feature.

Because your users are on different Teams servers, then users have the same client version, but still could have different behavior until the rollout is completed. And when rollout is completed, you could run some older client versions than today, and still have that feature available.

We only can hope that there could be a bit more visibility to these. Or users just need to get used to this.
I just hope they explain clearly how they chose which user to get enabled those features. It will be better if that ability to enable new features is controllable by admin of tenant.
The Public Preview option and Targeted Release option can be said do very little to make new features available to users or manageable by admin. But they never come out to explain things clearly to users especially admin users.