Teams + OneNote + SIS (Powerschool)

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We are trying to use Teams in our school. There is a problem with how Teams connect with OneNote. If we have OneNote connected to Powerschool(SIS) then there is no integration with Teams. The entire point of using Teams is to create Assignments/Quizzes. 


Since most schools use OneNote shouldn't there be away to connect our SIS to Teams and OneNote. Else we are duplicating the grading system.


We would like to be able to create an assignment within Teams and distribute the OneNote Page to all the students. Grading/Notes be done in ONE PLACE (OneNote) since Teams is a bit slow. We use Surface and the ability to use the stylus to leave notes in OneNote is important.


The assignment view for Students is important as well and eventually the ability for Parents to see the work within Teams or OneNote.

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Hi Mr. DeSilva, This is great feedback, thanks so much for sharing.


Are you currently creating Assignments in Teams and then attaching the OneNote page? It sounds like you are starting from OneNote.


Teams -> OneNote distribution is definitely what we recommend. Although I totally understand your need to connect to your school's SIS. Can you upvote this feature on UserVoice, it looks like it needs some love:


Also, if you haven't seen – this blog post goes into more of the awesome ways OneNote Class Notebook + Teams are #BetterTogether:


I have tried both methods. I have also tried a couple of workaround but nothing that is satisfactory.

Unfortunately the Teams > OneNote distribution doesn't work well with grading and providing notes to students. Especially because Teams is slow and working space is smaller than working within OneNote. If the distribution is done within OneNote it is a lot of easier and faster to go thru the student list.

I was the one that created that uservoice post. I don't think many schools know the about the integration of SIS with OneNote/Teams.

As the IT Director I love SDS and Teams integration and the ability to create class notebooks.

We need better support for Education by Microsoft.

Thanks for the clarification. So cool that you posted to UserVoice, thanks for that! This is all really great feedback I'll share with my team and the OneNote EDU team. Thanks!


I think GradeSync solves this issue, correct? I applied for the beta but I have not heard anything.