[Teams Live] Modify Splitscreen

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Are there any plannings on giving more options to varify a broadcast out of Teams Live Events?

The given splitscreen function is limited compared to other tools or the desires from our customers.

They would like to be able that two speakers could be seen at the same time - next to the shared content, and so on.


Will the new "Dynamic View" feature lead into that direction and will it also be somehow available within Live Events?

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Thanks for the question! Currently today you can leverage tools such as OBS to achieve this - which would outline in our Custom Production Playbook on . New features such as Dynamic View, Advanced Presenter Layouts and Multi-Spotlight are part of the Meetings stack (and not Live Events). We are working to bring the Live Events features into the Meetings stack over time, which will provide the ability to leverage those Meetings features.
Thank you for your quick answer and the helpful link - will definetly look deeper into it!

And of course, we are currently also using OBS to achieve this.
But putting people in a separate Teams Meeting (to grab their video feed from there via NDI/or different ways) always separates them from the Live Event participants (Q&A as only audience feedback channel e.g.).
Indeed this could be a challenge, but would depend on the format of the event itself. In many cases, there is a moderator that would openly ask the questions from the Q&A into the Live Event, for the speakers to answer directly (as opposed to responding in chat). But of course it depends on the format.