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Your Mac users have been ghosted. I work in a large higher ed music school, and we have been and still are waiting for computer audio/video sharing to be implemented into Teams for Mac. It is literally not possible to use Teams for many types of college music instruction.


The last ‘update’ on User Voice regarding this is April 11..just over 2 months. Not even the courtesy of a more recent update. PC users have had this function for over 6 months. Zoom has an excellent, elegant integration, and has had the whole time. If you want to treat Mac users as less important, perhaps just don’t bother at all. It’s immensely frustrating.

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Thank you for the feedback. We have heard this request as we are working on it. Please see the update posted on the User Voice item at: This does provide a specific update for the ability on a Mac.
Hello Nick

As I said, the response has not been updated in 2 months, that is far too long for lecturers who need this implemented now (in fact of course, months ago). I just feel like the Mac users are not much of a priority when you have already implemented this feature for PC over 6 months ago. We are talking about an important function of the software, not cosmetic stuff like grid sizes and whatnot.

Thank you

@Brett Rosenberg 

No need to worry about two months, as it even look they are fixing that. Here you have again crazy example: Start calendar week on monday (or allow setting)

Soon we reach three years with this, and they have not even commented this yet. :facepalm:

I want to say that I am also a mac user, and I am able to use the TEAMS App successfully, only thing is that you have to activate windows and also download TEAMS Desktop App on your System. Except the change background feature, everything else works fine on Mac.

Hi @Brett Rosenberg 


There was an update posted on June 16 regarding this Uservoice item.  

...and we are still waiting. Unless Q3 actually hasn't finished, which is when it was promised. And zero follow up or posts.
...which has not happened, nor been updated

buy a windows computer then or at least a dual boot machine so you can run osx and windows 10@Brett Rosenberg