Teams Developer Toolkit


The Teams Toolkit was released a few months back. It would be great to also have a Teams Developer Toolkit that can also be used to bring all the information together and supply C Level to give to their devs within the organisation


Best, Chris

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I just want to make sure I understand the question, are you looking for content targeted at the C level explaining why investing in Teams app development is a good business choice? 

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If my assumption is correct, this is a great suggestion and something we've been working on. It probably won't be in a flipbook format, but it is definitely a story we want to tell.

Looking forward to this. We need to get the Teams as an app platform coming top-down as well, and our next dev AMA will be flooded with Q's.

Hi @andrewclear, yes this is exactly the point. The Teams Toolkit flipbook is a great resource for bringing the Teams narrative together and it is packed with a lot of useful resources to get started and adopt Teams. It would be good to see this for Developers too. There is a huge story to tell about Teams from a development perspective.