Teams and Skype communication

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Is thee a way for Skype4business and Teams to coexit and communicate during transition?
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Hello Jeff, yes there is, you may want to review our documentation, for example here:
You can also join one of our public workshops at We discuss options in the "Identify you Upgrade Approach" session.
I am an end use providng training and have been told we are in an islands mode but there does not appear to be a "crosswalk" between teams and SFB. If I'm in teams but not logged into SFB I appear in SFB as Offline
Yes, by definition, Islands mode keeps the communications within the respective applications (Teams-Teams, SFB-SFB). Using this approach, user adoption is critical to ensure that both applications are used during the transition period. Highly recommend checking out the workshops Lisa linked above. Thanks for the question!
We are using islands but SFB shows me as off line unless i have both apps open

@JeffMcK61 correct. With Islands, you must have both applications running at all times, until such time as the upgrade is complete (to Teams Only mode).