Skype to Teams migration "postpone"

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I'm looking for some information about the transitioning & migration skype to Teams because we (partners) are very challenged by our customers on this process.


I experience a situation which seems not documented in Microsoft migration guide . The pb is about the "postpone" mode Microsoft provide. When we use it we are stuck and can't force a migration to Teams Only mode. At the moment I only found a reference in a hiden pdf in Fastrack documentation  with only this sentance [...] "a process by which they can choose to postpone the Microsoft automated upgrade experience" [...]


Is it something Microsoft will communicate about it or change ?

How to force the migration for a tenant which is in "postpone" status for Teams migration ?


Of course already tried with PowerShell and through admin center : more details and screenshot on this situation can be found there :


Many thanks for your help

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@Christine Karambelas , @Eric Starker @Mihai Marius Stanciu  @Isabella Lubin , @Jamie Stark : is it possible to draw the attention of this case to Microsoft engineers ? I understand due to the amount of conversations posted, the Teams team needs a little extra time to respond but will all question be answered or i need to wait the next AMA ? :)


Many thx for your time & help 

Thanks for tagging me - we are getting to all the questions but the volume this time was waaaaay more than last time, so it will be a little bit.  Luckily it (hopefully, please) should start mellowing out with the holidays coming up.  Anyway


The big issue here is that the upgrade mode of "Teams Only" is still only available to a select list of tenants.  We are very, very close to turning that on for everyone but are still waiting for a couple things to line up end to end.  It still could get delayed until the new year.


But that will be the modality used to upgrade your users and/or entire tenant to Teams Only.....essentially this is what we call the "IT Pro driven" experience.  Alternatively the automated upgrades are also happening, which is what you can defer / postpone.  Eventually a postponed tenant will come back into the tenant pool to be upgraded (we upgrade in batches to be sensitive to any infra impacts) and the widget in Teams admin center will indicate that.


Hope this helps to clarify!


Hi @Jamie Stark many thx for your time and answer :)


It helps to clarify, but is it a sensitive data to get more detailed about the delay a postponed tenant will come back into the tenant pool to be upgraded (time,days)  ?


Until then I will wait for the tenant i have to be put into the tenant pool.


Also I think it could be a good think (in the future) to let the possibility to notify : "this Tenant, and those users/admins/organisation is ready to update to Teams Only" when postpone is used. And to not have to wait to be put into a new tenant pool to be upgrade.


I understand that this process looks like still under preview but having little or no information can make it difficult to manage a skype to teams transition.


Is it something Teams's documentation "journey-skypeforbusiness-teams" will address ?


Again thx for your time