Simultaneous translation in Microsoft Teams meetings and live events

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Hi Microsoft Team,
thanks for the AMA. My name is Anna and I have a question about simultaneous translation in Microsoft Teams Meetings and Live Events.

When will it be possible to use this feature, which is already available in Zoom? It is important for us to generate multiple audio channels in a meeting to enable a multilingual meeting/event.


We also host regular live events with panel discussions. We have found that it is very difficult to have a panel discussion on Microsoft Live Events because only one person's camera can be viewed. Are you planning to add this feature in the near future?

My last question is about using Microsoft Teams Web App for external presenters. Are there any release plans for this?


Thank you for giving us this great opportunity for asking questions. We highly appreciate this! 

Best regards from Frankfurt/Germany, 

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We are looking at adding this feature in the future, but do not have any direct timelines for when we will land this capability today.
Does your answer refer to all features asked or the simultaneous translation in Microsoft Teams? Especially the simultaneous translation is a highly needed feature for our daily work, so we would be really glad seeing especially this feature on the roadmap
I really would like to stress Annas questions about additional audio channels to be used for simultaneous translation. Many of your 23000 staff members urgently do need this feature.
1. Translation is what i was referring to as a thing we are thinking of for live Events.
2. Today, we have this capability via external encoders.
3. We don't plan at this time to support the web app but our roadmap is the best place to watch
So if I read this correctly there is no timeline for offering this capability in the Teams client for regular meetings. There is a potential roadmap feature for offering this in a teams live event.

I have to stress the value of this feature for customers who collaborate internationally. Right now their only real collaboration platform offering real time translation into multiple languages is Zoom…. And having done calls with the zoom solution versus leveraging an interpreter and the inherent delay that introduces - zoom wins hands down.

Adding my voice to those calling for this valuable feature to be prioritized.

Thanks for the great work!
What? There is no support for translation with external encoders.
That's one of the reasons we don't use it because it doesn't support live transcription, live translation, public events, and no reports.
My point wasn't about live translation with external. It was that using an external encoder, you can bring more than 1 person's video to the screen during a live event.
@Anna_Lena I agree with you. Teams really needs to have a simultaneous interpreting feature. I work for the court system in the US, and they will not use Zoom, so I have to interpret consecutively, and that really holds up the court. If teams had this feature, I could just do simultaneous, and the court would not be held up. PLEASE get this feature! We really do need it.
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I absolutely share the opinion of Anna and Naomi007. So often my clients ask me to join there meeting on Teams as an interpreter and I have to translate everything consecutively. This method is SOOOO time consuming and tiring. PLEASE get that feature intergrated. What ZOOM can, Microsoft should also be able to implement.
Your solution with you app is fun, but not for professional and serious work.

There is a huge difference between "translation" (text) and "interpretation" (speech). While AI-powered speech-to-text transcription (verbatim of the original) and speech-to-text translation (original in source language, text in target language) have progressed tremendously in recent years, there is NOTHING like a live interpreter. A human can capture nuance, humor, sarcasm, technical terminology and especially CONTEXT much better than any current machine. 

What colleagues in this post are asking for --clamoring for-- is a feature that will let them provide live, human-powered, simultaneous interpreting for their clients. Both ZOOM and WebEx now offer this feature. Will Teams be next? That's the question!

Hi Katty,

So, you think AI based Speech to text translation doesn't work enough, not useful enough for business conversation. Is this correct?
That depends on the client. Only they can decide what "good enough" is. My point is that simultaneous interpretation is not "translation" or "transcription" and that human interpreters continue to outperform machines.
It's exactly what I think.
And I really would apprciate if you could developp a funktion for TEAMS that would allow a human interpreter to assist his clients.
Correct. Even if I'm not Katty
This is absolutely not what I'm looking for. I'm an interpreter and I need to translate live to my clients and I would love to have a platform where I could do that within Teams.
I believe you don't want to get the point.
Besides, my clients speak Swiss German dialect and I'm sure, the machine would not get it right.

@SabineCharlotte The only solution (for now) is to use a virtual booth on top of Teams... for example, GreenTerp or KUDO.