OneDrive saving multiple versions under different names

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OneDrive saving multiple versions under different names when someone makes changes and doesn't notice the file is in Read-Only mode.  Will automatically save a new name by adding their laptop #17002 (ie) at the end.  Then they end up with multiple files and it gets confusing on which is the most current.   

Also,  why is it opening in "Read Only" mode when there are no other versions open?  Ends up being a huge problem when multiple versions start getting saved.  Thank you!


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The default is supposed to be edit mode now in office online apps? Are they opening in the desktop client and it's going read only?

When you save documents in OneDrive they are only editable by you unless you share them.  If you share a file in a Teams chat, then the other person automatically has rights to that file.  However, if you add another individual to that private chat they do not automatically get rights to the original file.  That may be the cause of the "read only" way the file is being opened. 


In general I encourage people to save files for teamwork in a team & channel. Then you do not have the issue of having to reshare files in private chat as the team membership controls who has access.  Let us know if you keep having issues. We're happy to help/

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Are you sure that this is a read-only mode issue?  Usually when it appends a computer name to the end of a file, it's a onedrive sync issue, such as when the file is modified from more than one computer and it can't merge the changes.


Also, be aware that many of the more advanced features of Office such as co-authoring, autosave, and some onedrive sync features don't work with the old office file formats.  If you're still using .doc files, instead of .docx (or .xls instead of .xls, etc), you need to convert the files to the new format to avoid issues. 

@Steve Whitcher is there a way to merge the multiple versions of the file?