Native overhead paging / intercom features

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Hi, thanks for doing this AMA.  I was wondering if/when Teams Calling will ever have any kinds of native features related to overhead paging or intercom.


We're trying to sell Teams to companies who are currently using their phones to do things like dial-99 to speak to all of the intercom systems in the building.  Or, have specific numbers to route to specific intercom speakers.  Or, things like send a speakerphone announcement to all phones in the building for something like a tornado warning.  These are all common features in other telecom systems.  Teams does not have any capability like this currently, and workarounds are kludgy at best.  We've had Microsoft engineers tell us that our best solution is to keep the customer's old system around for these features, but it's hard to sell a customer Teams Calling as a replacement product when it doesn't actually replace necessary features that are common in every other VOIP system.


Is there anything planned for these features?  Thanks!

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Thank you for this suggestion! We don't have anything to share on this topic, but you can add your votes/comments here on User Voice, which the team looks at:
I should add that we HAVE heard this request from other customers and it is something that we are considering, but as Roman notes we don't have anything to announce regarding commitment or schedule for the functionality.
Thanks very much, I LOVE UserVoice!

Followup Question: The word on the Internet is that Microsoft is discontinuing the use of UserVoice, and UserVoices for some Microsoft products have already been shut down. Is the UserVoice for Teams and Office 365/Azure going to be a resource that we can rely on in the future?
I have the similar request on the devices, at least allowing an admin control/template.
My use case is a lobby/elevator phone, where picking up the handset autodials an attendant, or at least there's a button to dial -- something that can be set programmatically by an admin, rather than 1 by 1 by the phone config.

This feature DOES exist today in the SFB capabilities, and it would be great to see it come over sooner rather than later.