meeting with my students, without all the other teachers

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We have teams with channels. We emulate a classroom and roster in one team. Each team is the class and each channel is a subject (Match, Language, Tech, …)

In a Team the Students are the members and the teachers are the owners.

When scheduling a team meeting for, let’s say Dutch in the Language channel, all the students are invited (which is good) but also all the owners (teachers) see the meeting in their agenda’s. Yet only the Language teacher needs this appointment.

Is there a way to schedule a meeting in a channel (without making the channel private) where all the students are invited and only the organizing teacher, and maybe a second teacher.

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@wdejong Unfortunately that is not currently not immediately available. If you have the topics separated in distribution groups, you can now use DLs in the recipients of a meeting. Otherwise, the only thing that the teachers can do is decline the meeting and then the meeting doesn't appear on their calendar anymore. I know these are workarounds but I hope they work for you.