Live Event gallery/grid view option


For our organization we have been using Zoom Webinar for meetings that need to happen with several panel/members and allow for public comments and questions.  Teams Live Events does not allow us to have all of the speakers on the screen at one time for the meeting and it is hard for us to bounce around when choosing someone talking.  


Any plans get an option in Live Events to allow a grid/gallery view of all speakers to be seen on the screen at one time?  Zoom does this and it is the only reason we have this service and continue to pay for it.    Thank you

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Hi, @Will Wilson this is a great idea that I will bring to the team, thank you!

Hoping there is some progress for TeamsLive to do this grid view.  TeamsLive is better than Zoom webinar in almost every way except this one little thing which is keep our programmers from using it.