Lack of Hierarchy in Teams

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@John Steckroth As we use teams more we're struggling with the lack of hierarchy on two levels:

1. Team creation and nesting

Teachers would like to be able to "sort" and nest their teams in some way - particularly teachers who take care of multiple classes and more than one subject / year group.

Also our principals / edtech people are members of multiple faculty and class teams to help teachers and students out, and just having endless streams of teams makes our lives very complicated.

2. Administration within a team

We've had quite a few disasters with people deleting teams and their content. Sometimes in a class team we need more than one Teacher, but we don't want the "co-teacher" to have all the powers of the Teacher, but we don't want them to be students either (get the class notebook / assignments / gradebook entry); above the teacher we'd like a "real" team owner who is more like a passive admin who prevents teachers from deleting teams / files / notebooks etc.... 



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@IntlNadine for example our "English Language Learner" teachers and our "Special needs" teachers are also members of all the teams in the grade ... they need more rights than a student but less than a teacher. 

We are struggling with the exact same thing! I wish there was a way to "Favorite" a team. We've also had the same request from some teachers who support classroom teachers, for example Special Ed, Gifted, and they can be either be owners or members. We wish there was a way for these types of support people to have a different role. @IntlNadine