Inconsistent link in Teams when a document is moved

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I have the following use case in Teams: we have a document in the Files of a channel and a conversation pointing on this document in order to share it with colleagues.

If the document is moved in sub folder of the files or in another channel, the link is not working anymore...

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Its very important how are you moving the file, if you are moving the file through Teams clicking "..." and move .. to a different sub folder that you had created already , teams will know to set the proper link to the folder. in this case you will not have any issues

If you are creating a sub folder and moving the file through one drive, in this case you get an error because your teams will not know your sub folder in the oneDrive folder it doesn't get automatically created or renamed in Teams and you cant manually create the same folder in Team. So you have to do folders creation and files moves in Teams.

Hope this helps

Ok I see, it is good to know.

Is it going to change or remains like that?

Looking at the Teams architecture its going to take time ...below is the link to a channel : ) ... look at the structure ...

Hope this helps
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This will be fixed when the SharePoint files integration comes into play as SharePoint can handle moving files around due to the ID of the file being used instead of folder location being required.

Thanks Chris. Yes this is correct .  The work is in-progress and it should get done by early 2019

@Thuyavan Ganesan  I'm doing the move and rename in Teams and its still breaking the links. The delete option has the correct file ID and successfully moves it to the recycle bin in SharePoint.

Hi @HemantKumar ,


Is it now delivered? (you said early 2019 in your previous email).