Importing external GAL numbers into Teams Contacts

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Recently, I've had customers complain that although they can search for GAL resources in Teams from the search bar, there's no way to see the GAL from Teams contacts.  Furthermore, there's apparently no way to import an organization's external contacts into Teams contacts so that they're searchable.


Here's the use case:  A company has a large number of external people saved in their address list.  They want all of their Teams calling users to be able to find these external people in Teams Contacts and call dial them from there.  I've done quite a bit of reading and searching on this, and from what I've read, it appears that it's not currently possible.


Is there an automated way to populate Teams contacts, specifically external contacts, for an organization?

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I'm happy to report that we are tracking this ask. There is current work being done here and future work planned as well.
We will be sharing an update on this UserVoice with more information on that progress in the near future.

@Jason_Schumacher any update on this? The uservoice/feedback entry on this is silent and waaaaay down the list. We're an MSP and trying to sell MS Voice as an upsell to our client base instead of legacy PBX. This feature is a key barrier of entry, even weird because SfB does this just fine.


I can't believe this is a thing. Side note for a work-around, are you aware of any ways to sync people's personal contacts so that we can achieve the same thing? It's only a few hundred contacts.


The use case is end users want to see who is calling before they answer it (based on their contact record, not CID) and then to call clients/vendors, they don't have to manually dial the phone number each and every time.