How to Become a Microsoft Worker as a Web Developer?

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I'm a PHP programmer having a very high-level strategic strength in business logic programming and flexible database querying. I would like to join the Microsoft Developer's Team so I can put my knowledge into a very good use rather than allowing it to be wasted. And also willing to acquire experience from Co-developers in the system too.
I need someone to catch me up with the guideline on how to be initiated as one


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Although I do not work for Microsoft, I am an MVP and if I was going to try to join Microsoft's development team that build Microsoft Teams, this is what I would do to get in the door:


1. Go to hackathons, build events, etc.

2. Contribute to the GitHub repository for Teams training

3. Volunteer at Teams related community events

4. Start blogging or YouTubing content you have created

5. Get to know people by networking and showing your work so it will get noticed

6. Have a social media presence to promote your creations.


I hope this helps!

Thanks! I will Follow the enlisted protocol.
Thanks once again!