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Ken Pilkins

San Francisco


Currently we are using Microsoft Teams for program controls on a large CIP Project in Silicon Valley.  The product is performing well and the adoption of the program has been stellar.


We have 116 guest users in the program licensed on E3 via their organization and all using the desktop application.  One of items that would really close the gap in our program is guest user searching for "Files" (Files tab).  Currently when a guest user tried to search teams sites the only tabs that show are "Messages" and "People", the "Files" tab is missing.  Do you know when we might expect this feature?  




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Thank you for this feedback, we do not have a date to provide you at this point.

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Thanks for reaching out! You're right that is something we don't support currently and don't have immediate plans. You can raise this/upvote this on User Voice! We're always listening there.

With the current structure of teams (single window) its pretty hard to search for items as is.  Not being able to use search features for Teams sites that contain a large amount of content is a pretty glaring issue.  I have been raising this issue on User Voice, this is the first response I've received on this issue.


I would warn other folks who are intending to use MS Teams with guest user be aware of this limitation.


Thanks for the answer!