File uploads and drag & drop

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We would like to be able to drag and drop files from Outlook straight into Teams.  Also we would like to be able to upload more than 10 files at once.

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Hi Richard, this is great feedback! Your feedback about allowing Outlook file drag-n-drop is understood - we have this on our roadmap to provide better Outlook-Teams integration. If you could also post this feedback into UserVoice - - this feedback will get included in our product planning cycle automatically. Re: your feedback about uploading more than 10 files - could you provide more info on your scenario. Eg: Would a folder upload work better for you instead, or a batch upload for any number of files in the same folder?

@Chandra Chivukula 

Dear Chandra,

I have same trouble, like mentioned below. I can only drag-n-drop emails to Teams via (detour) SharePoint. Have you anything optimized, to place emails directly into Teams?

Thanks & Regards from Germany


@Richard Crowley   This works in the Teams web interface but not the Teams desktop interface.