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External sharing seems to be limited with some external users.

Some I can chat and with others, i can share pictures and files.

Looking at this from the external perspective some Teams clients have dropdowns that they select which profile they use and that depends on how they interact.

How do you plan to resolve this?

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Hi Benjamin,
Guest users that actually are invited to your tenant as a guest, and you chat with them, will have most of the full chat capabilities between them.
Federated chat with users that use teams that aren't a guest of your tenant are limited to basic chat and video/calling.

As far as the drop down, that's something Microsoft has said they are looking at fixing, dunno if they can provide more information about that or not!

so to be able to use full chat experience we need to invite every single external user?

Currently. There is a v2 version of federation being worked on that I'm thinking might open up more chat functionality between Teams to Teams federation that was mentioned in this interop video: https://aka.ms/teams-upgrade-coexistence-interop

But until then, you would have to have the users as guests in your tenant if you wanted fuller fidelity between them.


Here is the timestamp section to the v2 Teams to Teams federation that will give better federations between the two: https://youtu.be/wEc9u4S3GIA?t=2938