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Hi, @laurieboyer17@ and myself are using Microsoft Office 365 for Education and we love using Teams instead of Skype but wish the following could be adjust

1. An easy way to play PC audio over calls without having to toggle the Microphones back and forth. We would like to be able to share videos while screen sharing but the others on the call, can't always here the video, unless we change the Microphone device to "Stereo Mix", we also would like to play music before the meeting actually starts but have our microphones turned off.

2. Is there an easy way to share content on your desktop but still do other things in the background without the people on the call seeing everything?
ie: In other Virtual meeting platforms there is a "Freeze" option for the presenter to be able to still share content but do research in the background.

3. Are there or will there be more options for showing participant. ie: Raising Hand, speed up, slow down, etc.

4. Is there a way for graded assignments in Teams to communicate with our Districts Database such as Skyward. ie: We use Canvas LMS and the grades will integrate into Skyward for our teachers.

5. Is there a way to allow a Guest in the team to become an owner so the guest would be able to schedule meetings, start recordings, etc.


We also sometimes end up with members in the "lobby" but it doesn't always happen... Can someone explain how this happens? It is difficult to view the chat window and the participants (in the lobby) at the same time. Especially if you are the one sharing content. There is not a "Speaker view".

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Hi Julia! I've got some other folks going to chime in on your meetings/audio features.


#3: Do you have any more specifics on what you're looking for here? Are you having Teams meetings with your students? 


#4: This is something we're thinking about! Would love to connect and learn more. Do you have any teachers trying Teams assignments? Is connecting to the SIS holding you back from going all in on Teams? We would love to hear your feedback. 


Hi @Justin Chando,

#3 @JuliaHilburn7 & I are having Teams meetings with fellow educators for CLP's, technology cohorts, etc.  When we are presenting we would like it to have more functionality for participation beyond just using the mic or typing in the chat box.  It would be great to be able to poll people without the whiteboard poll.  Such as an option for Raise Your Hand, Speed Up, etc. so as a presenter we can get quick feedback from the virtual meeting participants in Teams. 


#4 Yes, we would like to go all in with Teams but not being able to connect with our SIS is definitely holding us back.  Teachers are viewing Teams as "another thing to do" since we have Canvas for content and assignments which connects nicely with Skyward to enter the grades from assignments.  Please advise.  



Great feedback Laurie! Stay tuned for more updates from us. We're working hard on great new features to save teachers time in Teams for Edu.