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I often read about the features that are available to schools etc in Teams with their licence, and as I work in a company where we train a lot of people using Teams I'd love the have the same features available but don't have an 'education' licence.


Is there I way I can enjoy the same benefits if I'm not a school or Uni etc.

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@Chris Hughes 


There's no way of getting these features that are solely on Education licensing. Although some features are released to all or later to Enterprise. Which features are you specifically talking about?

@adam deltinger Hi I don't have a saved list at the moment, but each time I read about features that are available on such a licence or watch a demo on how to run training and it shows a 'school' example, I think to myself that would be a great feature to use.

If you work for a Microsoft partner, you can try Teams for Edu by creating a edu tenant in

@adam deltinger 1 example is a saved list of attendees

This feature is available in all tenants :)