Dedicated Developer Forum in Teams on the Tech Community


We have forums for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams AMA. Would be great to introduce one for Microsoft Teams Developers! Most end up getting directed to GitHub and it seems a little separated at the moment!


Best, Chris

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Good feedback, Chris - This is something we are considering. Would love to hear what others think...Thanks for being here!
I second the idea to have a Teams Developers forum here. It would certainly fit in nicely within TechCommunity and would also be a great place to share Teams Dev blog post links.
Yes indeed a very good idea! +1

My 2 cents here is it depends on if there is another location on technet forums or other where developers have already being going? If so I would at least reocmmend some form or way for people looking here to go there, we really just need a single source of truth for where people go. I say this because Flow and Powerapps communities really don't have the real community / experts watching them. I help where I can there, but in all honesty we should have them listed but they should at least link out to the real communities for the Power Platform area's instead of having a not so active community where people go to get help. Don't want something similar happening here with spinning up a Teams Dev community when there is already an active place where all the dev types hang out :).
I agree completely! Also - sorry for highjacking this post, but I can't seem to be able to post my own question? I'm getting this error: "Correct the highlighted errors and try again. There was an error while attempting to post your message. Try again in a few minutes." Nothing is highlighted, and no indication is given as to what is wrong.. Regards, Jake
This is common error nowadays :)
If it is related to Microsoft Graph API for Teams, you can try posting question on StackOverflow with tag [MicrosoftGraph]. For all other questions, I support idea of opening new forum/space here