Custom roles for meetings


We have presenter and attendee roles. Any plans for custom roles for meetings (I.e. Moderator?)

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@Christopher Hoard 

We continue to look at additional roles as different requirements are surfaced for meetings.  There is not a moderator role, per se, on the roadmap at this time.  If you search in UserVoice, there are a few different requests for moderators but I think this one most closely resembles what you are looking for in a meeting scenario:  The others talk about a moderator in a team, more so.  

It would be great to add to that UV item and share exactly what you would want this new moderator role to be able to do that is different from a presenter role.  - ie - why would a moderator need different functionality than a presenter would?  Knowing the different scenarios really helps the engineering team think through different ways of solving the problem.  Thanks for taking the time to ask the question, Chris!

Done - no problem! :D