Cloud App Discovery for Teams


It would be great, via the Teams Admin Panel, or via the Graph API, or via an app if there could be a discovery and itinerary of which apps are being used in which Teams and a complete top down view of applications. We often encounter organisations that have simply deployed Teams with admin's having no idea of what is being used in each Team. 


Best, Chris

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We are looking at investing in better admin reporting capabilities, including team-level activity and which apps are being used in those apps. There's no public ETA but something that's in progress
Christopher, what we don't have is a way of knowing, in real time, which apps are installed in which teams. That would require a separate index and service that does not exist. How important is this capability?

I have several customers in highly regulated industries that have expressed concerns about the lack of visibility into what is going on. It would be great to have some reporting about apps and connectors to put provide their security teams a higher degree of confidence.

Thanks Bill, it's very important I think, particularly where there is little governance in the organisation and where IT administrators have little idea what apps their users are using. I agree with @Dean Gross also in that it is important for visibility, transparency and most importantly trust. The app store gives very little information on the apps, what users are agreeing to when they create accounts. Will certain apps harvest data or start profiling? Where are the apps data centres? Are those data centres within the organisation's regions? Are they GDPR compliant? I know that as it stands the job of this is down to the organisations and administrators who make those apps available to their users, but I think it would be a big positive for Teams to have that level of transparency for third party applications, and give organisations even more confidence in Teams.
@Christopher Hoard did you get anywhere on this? I am looking for this information myself.
Not yet! We have app permissions policies and the graph explorer which can give visibility and help the management of apps in Teams - which is a long way from where we were, but no report which can give a view of every app within every team or a discovery service as of yet. I am sure given the feedback it is being though of.

Would be great to see this functionality.

Best, Chris